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About Tamburitza

Tamburica or Tamboura refers to a family of long-necked lutes popular in Southern Europe and Central Europe, especially Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia (especially Vojvodina), Slovenia, and Hungary. Tamburitza still carries the most characteristic sound of Vojvodina, the north of Serbia. Recognizable melodies, the true sound of Serbian prerie and Vojvodina’s bowery – this is what our instruments have to offer

About Us

Greetings from Novi Sad! We are a female tabmuritza orchestra from Novi Sad and we would like to take part in one of your performances when you are in the port of our town. We play different types of music (from traditional to popular music from different parts of the town) and we are sure it would be interesting for your travellers to experience our music. In the upcoming material you can find out something more about us.

Tamburitza orchestra La Banda was established at the end of 2013, with a simple aim: to play modern melodies (popular and film music predominantly, with a pinch of disco, jazz and carefully chosen traditional melodies) on tambura. Each member of the orchestra has got a lot of stage experience outside the orchestra, as well as the 5-year-long team work. Having this in mind, our 2-hour repertoire is packed with just enough energetic, romantic, exciting and silly moments on stage. We keep in mind to wisely choose and adapt our music to the cause and the nature of the event we participate in. La Banda is a contras and abalance at the same time, it is a pure mixture of youth, energy, tradition, experiment and free spirit. People of different generations can easily enjoy in our music, which we consider as of our greatest prizes.


  • Milana Milanković (prim I)
  • Jelena Sabo (prim II)
  • Ljubica Pavlović (basprim I)
  • Neda Radman (basprim II)
  • Branka Biberdžić (kontra)
  • Milica Lerić (bas)
  • Sanja Ćeran (drums)
  • Aleksandra Krstić (vocal)


„Tamburica fest“, „Bisernica Janike Balaža“, „26. Golden tamburitza“ i „Street art performers“ in Novi Sad, „Starčevačka tamburica“ Starčevo, „International festival of tambura orchestra“ Ruma, „Mikini dani“ Bački Breg, „Tambura night 2014“ Banja Luka, „International tamburitza festival“ Kumanovo, „Bunt festival“ Beograd, „Tambouritza Music Festival “ Pljevlja, „The Festival of the tamboutitza players“ Bijelo Polje, „Tambura festival“ Šentjanž, Austria, „Grožđebal“, Sremskim Karlovcima, „Grožđebal“, Banoštor, „Mišićevi dani“, Mionic, „Srbobran fest“ Srbobran, Solo concert in the radio show "M kljuc" on the Radiotelevision of Vojvodina, A performance in Kombank Arena (the biggest concert hall in Serbia) with a Serbian folk star Dragana Mirkovic, „Somborski kotlić“ Sombor, „Wine Festival“ Sremska Mitrovica, „Ostrovačka tamburica“ Kostolac, „Crneval“ Vrnjačka Banja, „Šidsko leto“ Šid, „Srem fest“ Sremka Mitrovica, „Festival zimnice“ Barajevo, „Beška fest“ Beška, „Old timers festival“ Beograd, „Faculty of technical sciences student reception“ Novi Sad, „Festival zimnice Koceljeva“ Koceljeva, solistički koncert u okviru radijske emisije „Pesmo srce mi ogrej“ RTV-a Novi Sad, solistički koncert u Kulturnom cetru Prnjavor, „Dani Vojvodine u Podgorici“ Podgorica, „Festival ljubavi“ Tuzla, „Zimovnik“ Novi Sad, Solo concert at the Culture Kučevo, Cultural centre of Loznica, Solo concert in „Etna“ Shopping centre Gračanica, Bosnia.

We participated in numerous concerts of humanitarian character, a lot of private celebrations in Serbia, Croatia, Macedonia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Montenegro. We had noted appearances on all TV stations in Serbia (RTS, RTV Pink, RTV). We were a part of the popular Series "The Neighbours", as well as the show "The Best Orchestras of Serbia".

Pored gostovanja na RTS-u, RTV-u, Pink TV-u, Novosadskoj televiziji i drugim medijima bile smo deo i novogodišnje epizode serije „Komšije“, kao i televizijskog takmičenja „Najbolji orkestri Srbije“.


Tamburitza Fest 2014. godine Novi Sad - The audience prize and The prize for the best debi song „U mom zagrljaju“

14. Starčevačka tamburica - The prize for the best orchestra The prize for the best instrumental solo player - Milana Milanković, prim I.